Playful Learning – Is my child too young to Code ?

Friday morning brought a wonderful sunrise – more so when I witnessed the cover page of the Friday Magazine supplement of the Gulf News.  The cover article was ‘Coding is Child’s Play’. The importance of coding as a means to induce computational thinking in the younger generation is constantly reemphasized. Our kids are blessed with digitalization which makes information a click away, but that also brings challenges in terms of enhancing complexities in the ecosystem they are a part of. Coding at at early age helps them develop logical thinking skills enabling them to deal with abstraction and problem solving.

Block coding techniques work well for the younger ages where programing is visual. Scratch Jr. is a wonderful platform to get kids aged 4/5 to get kick started on their logic building skills. Robotics platforms like LEGO WeDo2.0 as well as the mBot coupled with scratch provide the learner with an interface of observing in real time the code that they write.

Let’s ensure that we provide our kids with the apt tools to help them develop into able learners. For, the world today is no more about professions or streams of academics, it’s about skill sets. And, creative thinking and logical problem solving shall always be the most coveted ones!

Image Credit : Friday Magazine Cover, Dated 02nd June 2017, Published by Al Nisr Publishing LLC.

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