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bhavan singhbhavan singh

If you’re looking for maths tutoring where your child looks forward to going ( that too on a sat morning ) then ‘The Logic Engine ‘ is the place for you . Priyanka and team are not only subject matter experts but know how to build a rapport with the child , gently pushing them to get better and stay motivated. They are also flexible and a pleasure to work with unlike some of the money making outfits In Dubai. Thanks for all the dedication and hard work you bring to the table , on an ongoing basis !

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My son has been attending classes for nearly a year, firstly on scratch junior and now early robotics. The classes and instructors are highly engaging and motivate students so they really enjoy being there and learn as well. The programmes are very well structured and build up over time so they are comfortable with the content and confident in building to next level. My son looks forward to the class every week and this is down to the amazing instructors who make the class enjoyable. Overall, I am really pleased and highly recommend Logix Engine, keep up the great work!

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Rupali GillRupali Gill

My 6 year old son has been attending the Early Robotics sessions for 3 months and he’s enjoyed each and every session. The programme is structured and fun at the same time. The instructor is patient and engages my son in all the activities, even in a group setting. It’s always a good sign when your child doesn’t want to leave the session after 1.5 hours! The representative, Priyanka, is always available to discuss concerns or for any updates. We are so glad to have found Logix Engine for our son!

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mahmehr hamzamahmehr hamza

My son started his journey with Logix engine beginning of 2022 and then all else was history. We went on to continue with the awesomest Miss Priyanka and her doting staff who not only taught with rigor but also inculcated a love of robotics amongst the budding engineers who are winding through the unknown. The passion with which they take on to do coding through which they can make their robots perform tasks is a feat to watch.
As a parent, the best gift we can give our children is unparalleled exposure and a interactive learning session.
We totally love Logix engine and can’t say enough about it.

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Jaideep ShahJaideep Shah

Logix Engine offer a variety of courses - be it coding, robotic or mathematics.

What separates them from other Companies is the staff who are extremely professional but ‘emotionally intelligent’ in the way they communicate with my daughter. Overlay this with Priyanka’s (owners) personal involvement which elevates the delivery even further.

My daughter looks forward to math and her results speak for themselves.

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Rekha Malhotra SultanRekha Malhotra Sultan

My daughter initially did a summer camp and she loved going to her camp. Later on I was informed that Logix Engine also conducts maths classes. I was ver impressed with the level of assessment and how they match the curriculum and bring each child up to the level they need to. There was no looking back and I have now enrolled her for these classes.

My faith in Logix Engine stems from the dedication and the positive vibes the owner and an educator herself, Priyanka exudes everytime I meet her so trusting her and listening to her advice is priceless.

My daughter so looks forward to her classes and being with her.
Best decision I have taken so thank you Priyanka!

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Sheetal B GandhiSheetal B Gandhi

If your child loves coding and building then Logix Engine is the place for him. Here, learning is made fun and your child comes back with new ideas and inventions. The team of teachers are professional, yet friendly and responsive with the children. The classes and camps are informative, exciting and challenging.

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Abirami RajeshkannaAbirami Rajeshkanna

It’s been more than 2 years with Logix Engine, We are very happy with the services provided by them.
Professional, Detailed Techniques explained to the kids and Challenge Task at every class. Very friendly atmosphere!! My daughter loves the challenge tasks given by them and explains to us in detail the logic of the same. The trainers r very helpful and the team of Logix Engine Rocks!!

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Radhika ViswanathanRadhika Viswanathan

My child awaits eagerly for this class, all school homework gets done without being said on the day of LOGIX class😊😊

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Deepak RajgopaulDeepak Rajgopaul

We use fun things to learn programming, like LEGO. We also use mbot, which is an app like scratch, which is so cool!- Kedar

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Niraj MathurNiraj Mathur

This is a perfect combination of fun and learning for children. My son Aman who is 6 years old and very picky about what he likes and doesn’t, absolutely loved his time spent there. It’s a very innovative idea and a must for all ages from 5+ to experience, they can enjoy and learn new things at the same time.

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Anuradha ViswanathAnuradha Viswanath

I came in touch with Logix engine,a year back when I was looking for good options for my sons coding interest .was very happy with the coaching when he attended the session during his march break.The parent feedback ,coaching,guidances given to the child all are simply superb.congratulate Ms.Priyanka on this fantastic venture of hers.

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Naveen DsouzaNaveen Dsouza

The Logix Engine program is a very age related programme and the teachers are very professional, and confident about the subject and explain the topics in a very clear and understandable way to the children. They work alongside every student which gives every student the personal attention at all times.

Our son has been with Logix Engine for a year now and he is always very happy and excited and looks forward to attend every class. It has helped him to delvelop more confidence and improve his coding and time management skills. He is looking forward to learn more about programming during the next academic year.
Thanks Logix Engine for helping Nathan to excel in his interest.

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Samir ThakkarSamir Thakkar

The passion shown by the tutors is unmatched and this is the reason why kids love to attend the classes. Great content and amazing customization. Keep up the good work �

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Anita MarwahaAnita Marwaha
Jigna GohilJigna Gohil
Rajesh NagpalRajesh Nagpal
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