Project Description

Mobile App Development Learning Path

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The Mobile App development pathway consists of a set of courses that equips students with the basics of coding a variety of Apps for smartphones and tablets. Students work on projects that lead them towards creating their own original apps.

This course assumes significant exposure to block coding such as scratch or snap. and prior knowledge of block based coding is a pre-requisite for this course.

“Everyone should learn a computer language because it teaches you how to think. I think of computer science as a liberal art.” – Steve Jobs.

The course aims to equip young learners with the tools to create their apps, assess their potential value from a social and economic perspective, expose them to a domain of new age technology. The courses are designed on the Thunkable block coding platform, which can develop apps across android and IOS mobile operation systems.


Level 1 : Introduction to Mobile App Development

This level focuses on introductory concepts of coding via simple projects based on Scratch Jr programming blocks. It initiates children into coding, as they animate characters, and create interactive stories and simple games.

Level 2 : Data Driven Mobile App Development

In this level, your kids further develops their knowledge of Scratch Jr and applies it to develop simple interactive games. The exercises consolidate basic programming constructs and develop the computational thinking process.

Level 3: Idea to an App

Scratch provides an extensive block coding platform for young people. This course introduces learners to Scratch coding via a variety of intriguing projects. The lessons introduce concepts of sequential logic, conditional looping, variables, coordinates and event handling.

Other Details

Duration 60-90 Minutes
Session 1/Week
Age 6-12 Yrs


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