Project Description

Mobile App Development Learning Path

The Mobile App development pathway consists of a set of courses that equips students with the basics of coding a variety of Apps for smartphones and tablets. Students work on projects that lead them towards creating their own original apps.

This course assumes significant exposure to block coding such as scratch or snap. and prior knowledge of block based coding is a pre-requisite for this course.

“Everyone should learn a computer language because it teaches you how to think. I think of computer science as a liberal art.” – Steve Jobs.

The course aims to equip young learners with the tools to create their apps, assess their potential value from a social and economic perspective, expose them to a domain of new age technology. The courses are designed on the Thunkable block coding platform, which can develop apps across android and IOS mobile operation systems.

Level 1 : Introduction to Mobile App Development

This course introduces the basic concepts of mobile-app development, which include the user interface, and user experience design, consuming cloud based AI services, developing an idea of data persistence at different levels and where to persist data for what type of applications. During the course the participants develop four applications and get exposed to a wide variety of controls and interfaces.

Level 2 : Data Driven Mobile App Development

This course develops the concepts of AP-01 further by developing more intricate applications and developing the concept of persisting data in the cloud. All the applications developed in this course use firebase database as the backend students develop multi user applications that access and write data to the cloud. The course lays the foundations to advanced app development and prototyping.

Level 3: Idea to an App

The idea to an App course uses concepts of AP-01 and AP-02 to develop as real world app and runs them thru a real world problem that we are trying to solve, and develop an app  through the various stages from concept,  user interface design, database design, programming and logic development, testing to final app. The course gives a complete view to the app development process.

Other Details

Duration 60-90 Minutes
Session 1/Week
Age 6-12 Yrs
Price Dh 1500/10 Sessions
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