Project Description

The Junior Robotics Program

A set of programs designed around the Scratch programming language from MIT. It uses the mBot robot hardware from Makeblock. The mBot is an entry level differential robot that comes alive with simple drag and drop scratch programming language.

“Everyone should learn a computer language because it teaches you how to think. I think of computer science as a liberal art.” – Steve Jobs.

The courses are designed to extend critical thinking and problem-solving skill sets, while successfully imparting the basics of science and math, developing conceptually strong programming fundamentals.

In this program, students assemble their mBots, and program them using Scratch programming language. The course extends the scratch programming skills to physical robots, and in doing so brings up various nuances of programming for the physical world when compared to a purely virtual environment. Participants program the mBots to use its sensors and motors to perform various tasks, and challenges.

In this level students develop more complex programming structures to make use of multiple sensors at the same time in the mBot. The tasks involve programming of complex behaviors, that utilize more than one sensor at a time.

In this level young participants build projects using the Inventor Kit (the student have to bring their own kit) and standard cardboard / thermo board construction materials. The open projects introduce the student to engineering design life cycle, and take them from conceptualization, to prototyping , and building the final project. The programming involved leverages on JR-01 and JR-02 levels and introduces concepts of finite state machines that they use in each of the projects and implement the same in scratch programming language.

This program refers to a set of five sessions of 120 mins each where we consult budding inventors to realize their project aspirations and ideas into implementable and finished projects. The student need to bring their own Inventor kits and construction material, while we would run them through the engineering design process for developing the project idea, building and programming it.

Other Details

Duration 90 Minutes
Session 1/Week
Age 9+ Yrs
Price Dh 1650/10 Sessions
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