New Online Batches for Scratch Junior.

Announcing new online batches starting all through Sept/Oct 2020, for our Scratch Junior programs CA-01 and CA-02.

Engage your child in working through exciting and invigorating projects on the bright and playful interface using visual coding. Equip them with skills to enhance their creative thinking and hone their logic development.

CA-01 which is Level 01 of the program takes them through simple projects introducing them to a variety of programing constructs, while CA-02 Level 02 takes them into Game Design, as they move towards parallel programing, working towards enhancing their logical thinking skills.

The CA-01 and CA-02 programs are offered under Coding Adventures Learning Pathway which develops logic using Scratch Jr and Scratch 3 block coding languages. These programs provide an early start for children in the age range of 6-7 years to get started with coding and develop their logical and creative abilities.

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