In reminiscence of the last three months

April 2017 marked the commencement of a new phase in my life. Having taught at university through a decade and a half,  and being an avid researcher all my life, I stepped forward to work with a younger age group.

Nearly three months later, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see my kids (and I have gone beyond my own two😊) hug me, saying they’ll miss not coming over to The Logix Engine during their summer vacations. 😊

Over these months, I’ve had the pleasure of associating with some wonderful people – all parents like me who wanted to provide their children with a vibrant learning experience. And, I’ve had the honour of working with some brilliant kids – inquisitive , eager to explore and impatient to take on new challenges  And, these kids have pushed me to enhance my own capabilities, as I worked with them on a myriad of challenges.

My reward has been the messages from their Parents, as well as videos and photographs often sent by these kids where they use mechanism they worked upon, or innovated to find another solution to a challenge set for them in class.

“My daughter went to Ferrari world and explained to us why larger rear wheels would make a race car go faster, ” said one parent.

“My son stopped outside the sliding doors of a mall and was looking for the Proximity Sensor,” said another.

“My child had only literary interests – now she thinks gears and axles too.”

The list is endless….I’m glad.

Kids are super inquisitive, brilliantly aware and very malleable – nurture their curiousity and facilitate their learning experiences. Thank you kids and parents – your encouragement and constant feedback help us pave our way ahead. In appreciation of your support.

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